Existential Therapy: So, Life’s Troubles Never Get You Down

Have you ever lost someone you love and then had people tell you that you should rejoice, cry it out, or take your time in dealing with their loss? It is true. This is a worst-case scenario, but everyone around us may tend to tell us how we should be feeling. You have to feel happy when you get a new job. You must be walking on air to get married. You must laugh when someone tells a joke. In the past, therapists were also the ones that would tell you how you should feel. We say that a better way to handle life, love, stress, and all the other emotions is existential therapy, which will ensure that life’s troubles do not have to get you down.
The truth is, its not about those people. There are no standards for how you should feel. You should just feel the way you want to feel and challenge yourself to overcome it. In more simple terms, if you feel stressed about a marriage or a new job, be stressed because of those things. However, look beyond it to why you are feeling stressed and try to find a solution that may fix it. You also should know that it isn’t something you have to suppress. If it is there, feel it. Then move on from it. Read more on existential therapy at https://encompassing.co/why-encompassing/#existential-approach
You do not have to worry about labels. You shouldn’t worry that you will be called crazy because you are anxious or depressed when others would be joyful and delighted. It doesn’t make you a bad person and it doesn’t mean that the event that triggered your feelings is not something that makes you happy.
Ask yourself why you feel this way or that way. Look inside and discover your purpose for feeling the way that you do. Once you do this, you will be able to decide why you are stressed or anxious, sad, or happy.
With existential therapy, you make your own rules. The therapist is there to listen as you work through your own thoughts and feelings. They will not label you or judge you. They will not base their comments or opinions on how others feel you should be reacting. They just listen and help you reach your own conclusions. We personally feel it is the only way to get ahead in this very stressful world that we live in.

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